Friday, December 28, 2012

We live by faith...

Family picture with one of our last updated pictures of Levi..May 2010

Today, Russia's president V. Putin signed a bill into action stopping inter-country adoptions of Russian children to US families. My heart is breaking for the families who are in process and for those who've already made one or two bonding trips to Russia. Praying this situation changes. The sad fact is that children with special needs just won't be adopted within their own country & it's US families that step up to the plate. Without them being adopted they are sentenced to a certain death as they are transferred to institutions at the tender ages of 4 or 5 where their care is poor. Please pray with us for a change a heart from President Putin. :(
I remember back in '08 hearing about Russia's invasion of Levi's county & the dread I felt as we waited for news on what it meant for our adoption of him. I remember mourning his loss when we got news that due to the war we would no longer be able to adopt him. He was & is our our hearts he'll always be. It's been a long road, but on Jan. 8, 2013 we'll be submitting for court to finally be able to bring Levi home. So for all you Russian families..I just want to tell you not to give up your hope because anything is possible and only God shuts doors.

The kids now..Dec. 27.2012

Haven't gotten updated pictures of Levi since 2010..Can't wait to see how he's changed too ♥


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